****** Exciting News! ******     The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic has a permanent home! Grace Foundation has made a decision to keep the Syverson building, and has offered CVFC a section of the building to run the free clinic’s operations, programs and services. The facility would be made available to us by the end of July, we will update with more specifics as they become available.

The news keeps getting better….. our current landlord is able to extend our stay until August 31 so we will require only one move!
UPDATE … We will conduct business as usual with all services during the next few months in our current location. We will plan to have our normally scheduled Daytime Thursday Walk-In Clinic on June 2. We will also plan to continue offering Vision Clinics throughout the rest of the year.  However, we will NOT have Walk-In Clinic services on Tuesday, May 31.

Welcome to the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic!
Your safety-net clinic in the heart of Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Our Mission

The mission of the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic is to provide quality health care and advocacy for individuals of the Chippewa Valley who have no reasonable health care alternative. Established in 1997, it is a primary care clinic that depends on volunteers and generous community support. It serves all patients without regard to personal, social, political, or familial beliefs and characteristics. The Clinic’s vision is to be the health care safety net for the uninsured, underinsured, and vulnerable populations of the Chippewa Valley. Its mission and vision are guided by the following values: Health is a Human Right, Respect, Dignity, Accountability, Reliability, Stewardship, and Excellence.

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